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How to Consign

Consignment Contract

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Consignors bring clothing in to be reviewed at any time (with no appointment) by Urban Exchange. If the brand name, condition, and quality of the clothing are acceptable, the clothing will be sold in the store.

How Items Are Priced

The items will be priced appropriately by the store. Our goal is to get the best possible deal for our customers, as well as satisfying our consigners.

Getting Paid

After the item has sold, the consigner may choose between taking 60% of the selling price in store credit, or 50% of the selling price in cash. Consigners may pick up their check at any time.

If Items Do Not Sell

If the item is not sold within 60 days, the store then has the choice of continuing to offer the item for sale at a discount (in which the consigner would receive the appropriate percentage) or donate the item to a charity of our choice. The consigner has up to 60 days to reclaim their merchandise.

If an item is priced over $50, Urban Exchange will contact seller to pick up item.

Items We Take For Consignment

Items We Do Not Take

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